Sayings and sermons have one thing in common: they always apply to other persons, never to oneself.

The call for unity is in many cases a call to act upon the caller's demands.

He who opposes greater unification in the world, opposes progress of mankind.

The call for more communication is, in many cases, a call to agree with everything the caller says.

The value of what is good, depends upon the extent in which it is directed upon others.

The greatest freedom is the freedom to limit one's own freedom on behalf of the freedom of others.

Freedom does not mean that one can do what one wants to do, but that one can do what one has to do.

Freedom of expression is absolute only in so far as it does not infringe the integrity of others.

It isn't secularism, but ideologies and religions that cause most intolerance.

He who wants to give more of his "self" must increase his "self".

The will of God is well known to all believers. The only problem is, that God has apparently as many wills, often quite contradictory ones, as there are believers.

Women men dream of and men women dream of exist only in their dreams.

Boys who think all girls are angels, evidently havbe no sisters.

He who gives a weapon to a child, does not turn that child into a murderer, but himself.

The producer and seller of weapons are equally responsible for the results of their use.

There is no "Creator ex nihilo" (= creator out of nothing) because God is not "nihil" (= nothing) but "omnia" (= all; everything).

He who wants to eliminate evil, must eliminate freedom and he who eliminates freedom is a tyrant.

Lust is not the objective of the sexual drive, but its means.

One doesn't receive love by asking for it, but by giving it.

The degree of love is equal to the extent in which it makes free.

A human being does not live to stay alive, but to go on living!

Economists and meteorologists are extremely proficient in explaining afterwards why their predictions failed to materialize.

Anthropologists and social psychologists have big thumbs to suck their "scientific" data from.

Hatred cannot conquer hatred, because it increases it.

A politician getting excessive support should ask himself what he has done wrong.

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