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However, do not expect fancy graphics or photographs, because the webmaster is blind.

     On this page you will find links to all English language topics, such as my story about my experiences as a child during the Second World War, my booklet "A perfect Sight", portraying a blind Arubian, published in 1982 and papers presented at conferences and articles I wrote for Caribbean Vision, a monthly magazine of the Caribbean Council for the Blind. During three years I was the editor of that magazine, a position that implied that I had to fill it almost entirely by myself alone.

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Who are we?


          - The following link tells my experiences as a child
          during the Second World War.

A Warchild's Memories.


          - The following link gives the text of a booklet
          I wrote in 1982 portraying a blind Arubian.


          The following is a brief list of famous visually handicapped persons.

Blind and Famous.

          - The following is the slightly altered text of an
          address delivered at the Second International Sym-
          posium on Visually Handicapped Infants and Young
          Children, Birth to Seven, held in Aruba from May
          22 to 27 1983. The author/presenter was a member
          of the program committee of the Symposium and chair-
          person of the Aruban Organizing Committee. He al-
          so presided the opening session and pronounced the
          closing remarks.

The Most Persistent Lie on Earth.

           - The following link is the slightly altered text
of a paper, presented by me at the First Regional
          Conference on Blindness and Blindness Prevention
          of the Caribbean Council for the Blind, in Christ-
          church, Barbados, September 1984.

From Charity to Collective Responsibility.

           - The following link is the slightly altered text
          of an address delivered at the Joint Caribbean Con-
          gress on Disability and Rehabilitation held in San
          Juan, Puerto Rico in August 1985.

Whose Rights are the Right Rights?

           - the following link gives the text of an article
          published by me in Caribbean Vision, a monthly ma-
          gazine from the Caribbean Council for the Blind,
          of which I was the editor.

Where Ignorance is Bliss ...

           - The following is another article published in
          Caribbean Vision, which caused quite a bit of ill
          feelings in Jamaica.

First comes the Grub ...

           - The following article, also from Caribbean Vi-
          sion, discusses the problems of good outreach.

The Art of Persuasion.

           - The following short piece discusses negative
          attitudes of rehab workers for the visually handi-

Acceptable Social Behaviour

           - The following article was written after a lot
          of protest was launched against the appointment of
          a sighted woman as executive director of the CCB.

Blind Leadership.

           - The following article discusses the abuse some
          blind persons make of their handicap.

The Advantage of the Disadvantage.

           - Another article from Caribbean Vision, discus-
          sing the main goals of agencies for the blind and
          visually impaired.

Services to the Blind, or Prevention of Blindness

           - The following article from Caribbean Vision dis-
          cusses the differences between the congenitally
          and adventitiously blind and partially sighted.

Are you Blind or Blind?

Integrated education, an endless challenge!

           - The following is a brief explanation of the
          British Moon-script for the blind, that still seems
          to be in use in England.

The British Moon-script explained.

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